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I work with 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are absolutely beautiful.  They are natural and safe for the whole family and can support health in a variety of ways.  doTerra is a business that enhances the health and wellbeing of many lives globally.  The main reason why people connect with doTerra is because they are impressed by the high quality of the product and because IT REALLY WORKS, SERIOUSLY..
The only reason I am in this business is because of the products.
I truly believe in them as I have experienced their magic first hand with my own family, and am now passionate about sharing them with others, so they too can benefit it a number of ways.
The more helpful you are in supporting other people with natural health, the more successful your doTerra business will grow to be! That’s a lovely Win Win situation I say!


I want to build a business with doTerra.  What is the first step I take?
Congratulations on an awesome decision!  The first step would be to create your own wholesale account.  I suggest beginning with an Enrolment Kit.  You will also need to join the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to enable you to earn commissions.  Learn more about LRP here.

Is this a pyramid scheme? 
doTerra business is definitely not a pyramid scheme.  Pyramid Scheme’s are actually illegal.  doTerra embrace an authentic Network Marketing business model and they deliver with the utmost integrity and ethical standards I have ever come across in business.  It is not about the person at the top making all the money.  No way! In this business you will be rewarded for your efforts and it is very possible to outgrow your up line.
How do I learn what to do? 
There are so many online resources that will educate and support your doTerra business.  You will also be welcomed into my own facebook team support group and you will be able to attend my online webinars, trainings and weekly conference calls.  There are amazing apps that I will link you in with once you are set up with your wholesale account.  I also run events and workshops all around the place.  Serious business builders will receive one to one mentoring and support directly from me and from highly experienced and successful up-line support.  You will be joining a team that is dedicated to support you.
What type of person suits a doTerra business?
Embracing the doTerra business is an opportunity for so many different types of people.  It is ideal for massage therapists, health food shop owners, online bloggers, holistic healers, kinesiologist’s, naturopaths, yoga teachers, real estate agents, online business owners, energy healers, stay at home mums and aromatherapists.  If you like people and can communicate well then a doTerra business will be perfect for you.
What skills do I need to be able to be successful in a doTerra Business?
Be caring and nurturing
Work with a positive attitude and believe in yourself.  Don’t give up!
Follow up with people.  I have some great systems in place that I can share with you.
How do I earn money with doTerra? 
This is a very important question and I have a fantastic answer for you!  Here are a number of different ways you can earn money with doTerra.  You can earn retail profit, fast start bonus, power of three and with the absolutely awesome Compensation plan.  Take a look at this Compensation Plan to learn how you can create a residual income.  Residual income is an extremely awesome concept and I believe it is a way forward in today’s society.


I am so passionate about not only these amazing essential oils that DO work, but am also eager to share with as many beautiful women as I can, this fantastic opportunity. To be able to earn an income simply by sharing products you are passionate about, how great is that!!
If you have any questions regarding this business opportunity please contact me here.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Taylah. xx