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Well Women Wednesdays: Amelia McDermott

Posted on the November 12, 2014.
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Call it serendipity or divine intervention, either way I believe Amelia and I were aligned to connect for a soulful purpose. This beautiful lady says my card “caught her eye” as she was picking up some supplements at her local health food store, which led her to my website and soon after surprising me with a lovely email in my inbox. Amelia said she felt drawn to my energy and felt we should connect as she too is passionate about connecting women with their hearts, working formally as a psychologist growing into her loving abode in kinesiology.
So we met for the first time only last week at a lovely little organic cafe in Melbourne. Where my “coffee date” soon led to lunch because I felt so comfortable and loved her intuitive energy that came across.
Amelia, I feel is truly connected to her heart and it’s desires and nourishes it accordingly.

How did you find your way on this path?
My journey began as a psychologist- growing up with pretty severe anxiety I was determined to overcome it and naturally sought to heal myself through psychology. After graduating from my masters I worked as a psychologist in various settings, but I always felt that something was missing from my training. I was searching for something more, something that would help people change on a deeper level- a more heartfelt and spiritual way of working and connecting with others. As I began my independent studies into other areas of psychology, such as emotion focused work, hypnosis, and mindfulness my interest in the spiritual realm was becoming increasingly stronger, and it was when I started to see my own spiritual councilor that my world opened up to energetic healing. I went and saw a kinesiologist and lying on that massage table I knew that I had found my passion- my soul purpose. Now I am working as kinesiologist and have never felt happier in my work.

What does your typical day look like?
My days are quite varied at the moment because I am in private practice part-time and finishing off my Diploma in kinesiology the other days. If I was in the clinic I would wake up at 6 am, do an hour of exercise, and an hour of meditation, and get in to the clinic about 9.30 for a 10.30 client. Depending on whether or not I had a late booking I would get home somewhere around dinner time.

What are your non-negotiable daily practices?
My non negotiable daily practices are mediation- I try to make it 1 hour a day, but if not than even 10 minutes is better than nothing. Exercise is typically every second day. I always feel more cantered and clear headed if I have exercised and meditated.

What does your day look like on a plate?
A mixture of my own self-healing combined with helping others in their healing journey, studying, being outdoors, cooking healthy food, and quiet times spent in indoors recharging.

What lights you up?
Kinesiology lights me up like nothing else, but I can’t go past a beautiful sunset/sunrise, walking through the rainforest, and seeing others make positive changes in their lives.

What’s your favourite way to relax & unwind?
I love lying on the couch reading. If I’m into something a little social I would go to a winery with a friend, have a kinesiology session, or attend a crystal bowl sound healing meditation.
What do the words “Love, Light, Wellness” mean to you?
Out true state of being.

Favourite quote/affirmation/mantra?
“May love be my experience, and love be my power, and love be my happiness and peace, in every single moment of my day”.

“I have the power to heal myself, you have the power to heal yourself, and together we have the power to heal the world.”

Anything else you’d like to share? Inspiring message? Recipe?
Make choices that honor your heart’s and everything else will be taken care of. :)

Also, I am having lots of fun making recipe’s from Pete Evans new cook book “Family Food-130 Paleo Recipe’s”. It would make a great Chrissy present to yourself or someone else (as long as you’re not a vegetarian).

If you too feel drawn to this beautiful soul, you can connect with Amelia via the following.
w: www.ameliawholebeing.com.au
e: amelia@ameliawholebeing.com.au
Taylah Halfhyde


Taylah Halfhyde is a Holistic Health Coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Her mission is to inspire and transform the lives of women so they can live healthier, happier lives! She feels passionate about supporting women to overcome issues such as digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, emotional eating, stress and anxiety. Taylah coaches woman one-on-one all over the world via phone & Skype consults. You can visit her blog and check out her services over at www.lovelightwellness.com.au, a sacred, loving space for women to connect, relate & support each other.

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