Taylah Halfhyde, Health Coach Taylah Halfhyde, Health Coach

Lovely Words from Rachel Robinson

I went to Taylah a few months ago now, feeling like I’d hit a wall as far as my health was concerned. Mentally as well as physically. I had, in the past, regularly attended gym and had an excellent diet but for one reason or another lost all motivation to keep my health a priority. I noticed that I was letting the stresses of work and money get the better of me, but even recognizing that wasn't enough to get me to make the changes I needed to get back on track.

Taylah was a god send. After taking considerable time to see where my issues lay, she gave me techniques in order to deal with the stresses of everyday life. It wasn't an overnight transformation, but even after my first visit I felt excited about how I was going to take back control of my life. I was able to speak with Taylah and have her there guiding me through and giving me the confidence I needed to get back on track.

After my second appointment with Taylah, I had already put into place the eating plan which we worked through together in our first consultation. We figured out what's practical for me to make that's not only nutritious but, if need be, quick to whip up. I had also gone back to gym in that time, starting with 20-30 minutes a few times a week, but that was enough and definitely a lot better than no physical activity at all.

Taylah was great with encouraging me and giving me the support I needed to obtain my goals. She helped me by giving me easy straight forward advice about how to keep on track and being there for when it all gets a bit too much. She guided me to counterbalance whatever the stresses are with either meditation, cooking or physical activity. My problem wasn't just eating poorly, but my thinking behind it. I needed balance; mind, body and spirit and we worked on the basis that as long as I made time for me in my day that all aspects of my life would benefit.

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