Taylah Halfhyde, Health Coach Taylah Halfhyde, Health Coach

Lovely Words from Nicole Pavatich

The biggest change I have noticed after working with Taylah has been my positive mindset and calm sense of spirit and being. When I began my 6 month program with Taylah my eating habits were at the top of the list. Once Taylah helped me address the important role our mental and spiritual wellbeing have in our lives, this goal, along with other things in my life began to make sense and fall into place.

During our sessions together I learnt about new foods, which ones should be increased in my diet, and those that should be eaten in moderation. Taylah helped me to start thinking ‘outside the square’ and taught me what to look for in the supermarkets, as well as providing me with simple, delicious and nutritious recipes.

I discovered the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and having a more balanced exercise routine, rather than being so repetitive and being on auto-pilot, I began to listen to my body.

Taylah also introduced me to other self-care practices that nurtured and soothed my mind, body and spirit.

I would recommend Taylah to absolutely anyone.
She is one of the most positive and inspirational people I know and emanates a sense of calmness, serenity and happiness that is contagious.

The greatest beauty comes from within, and Taylah’s sincerity and generosity towards others is her beauty.
Thank you so much, Taylah, for showing me a healthier and calmer lifestyle. These have become my habits and I’m truly loving the person I am – how I’m feeling and the positive influence I know I now have on others.

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